iPhones are great devices, but they can ruin your mood when they misbehave. The problem might be hardware or software related. Or, some bug might be causing your device to act strangely. 

If you are an iPhone user or planning to purchase a new iPhone, know the common problems and their solutions. Take a look. 

Device Not Updating 

It is critical to update your phone to the new iOS version to get the latest security and performance improvements. But if you’re trying to update and running into issues, you may begin to wonder why won’t my phone update

An unstable Wi-Fi connection or lack of storage space is one of the most common reasons. But, on the other hand, it might be that your phone is outdated, and it is time to replace the model so you can avail the features of the latest iOS version. 

Solve the issue by clearing your phone and making space, connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, or buying the latest model. 

The White Screen of Death 

Jailbreak, failure to upgrade, or hardware issues can lead to the white screen of death issue. You can restart your phone to solve the problem. If that fails, do a hard reset or boot your phone in DFU or device firmware upgrade mode

The Volume Button is Defective 

If the volume button has stopped working, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > switch on Assistive Mode. Then, you can control silent and volume modes directly from the phone screen. 

Screen Glitches 

You can solve the white screen of death issue with a reset. But if that fails, you may have to opt for a factory reset or hard reset and a boot in DFU mode. It clears the data from your phone, so you must back up your critical data if you have not already. 

If your phone has been experiencing a frozen screen, unexpected restarts, or won’t turn on, you can go to the Apple service center. 

Quick Battery Drain 

If the battery drains quicker than usual, you must first check that your phone isn’t running on overdrive. Then, switch off background refresh, unimportant push notifications, automatic downloads, cellular data, and Bluetooth when not in use. 

You must also switch email to fetch, reduce your screen brightness, and eliminate the Hey Siri feature. You can be surprised how much battery you might save when Siri is not always listening. 

While the jury is still out on whether closing all the applications would save power or cost you the same when you have to relaunch the apps. So, you can choose to do this, but you don’t have to. 

You can also monitor battery usage to see which applications cause the most strain on your battery. Go to Settings > click Battery. Also, check the battery health by clicking Battery > Battery Health. Finally, you can decide if your battery needs replacement. 

Applications Quitting Unexpectedly 

If apps keep quitting or freezing unexpectedly, you can restart your phone or relaunch the app. However, if the issue persists, check whether the application is fully installed and updated to the latest version. Go to the App Store to check for updates and install them. Also, ensure the app is compatible with the newest iOS version. 

With iOS 11, Apple has updated from 32-bit to 64-bit applications. So, the former will not run on your device. You can check if the apps are outdated navigate to Settings > tap General > tap About > tap Applications. If all the applications are updated, you won’t be able to tap on Applications. 


iPhone users are no strangers to overheating. If your phone is exposed to the hot sun, your device will become inoperative until it is cooled down. If you see this warning message on your device, you must take off the phone case and accessories. Also, keep your device away from direct sunlight. 

Switch on the Airplane Mode and let your phone cool down. Also, do not plug your phone to charge when it is hot. 

If overheating persists, ensure to update to the latest iOS, or you can tap on Reset All Settings. 

iPhone is not Charging 

If the phone is not charging, you must ensure the charging port doesn’t have any debris or dust. Use a blunt paper clip to remove anything that may have gotten lodged in the charging port. 

If the issue isn’t fixed, check whether the charging cable is functioning correctly. If the charging cable is faulty, go to the nearest Apple service center and replace the cable. 

Final Thoughts 

These eight iPhone problems are annoying and can hamper your iPhone experience. Knowing how to fix the issues can boost productivity and prevent you from losing your mind. However, if you cannot resolve the issue, call the technician or the nearest service center. 


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