If you run a business, you probably already know that Instagram is where all the good stuff is. With one of the largest audiences on the internet, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to promote their products and services on Instagram. 

After all, at least 44% of people use Instagram to shop every week. Plus Instagram’s advertising reach has even outrun Facebook, which is one of the oldest social media contenders.

But professional marketers will tell you that acquiring high engagement on Instagram is not an easy feat. Ninety percent of Instagram users indeed follow at least one business. But simply being on the platform is not enough. You also have to put out great content and increase engagement on Instagram in the form of likes, comments, shares, tags and more.

So you will often see businesses invest a lot in promotions and get Instagram followers to achieve their social media marketing goals.

Are you still wondering what it takes to make it big on the site as a business? Well, your search ends here as there are great growth hacking techniques to create better engagement on Instagram. Read on to find out more about these tips and tricks.

7 Great Ways to Create Better Engagement on Instagram as a Business 

  1. Prioritise Your Hashtags 

Hashtags are perhaps one of the most important marketing tools a business can have on Instagram. They are essentially the key to reaching potential clients who aren’t following you yet. With the right hashtags, you can increase engagement on Instagram and get involved in conversations within your niche.

Avoid using generic hashtags as they are too saturated and can only get you so far. You can also create a custom hashtag to help interested users find your content quicker.

  1. Put Up Interesting Content

Thousands of posts are uploaded to Instagram every minute. So your content must stand out from the crowd. It should be able to inspire users to engage with your post and click on your website to make a purchase. You can leverage professionals to take your pictures and videos but a smartphone also has a lot of potentials.

You can also use the best sites to buy Instagram followers to boost the metrics on your post.

  1. Engagement with the Community 

In the case of engagement, receiving likes and comments is simply not enough. You also need to respond and sometimes even initiate the interactions to get the ball rolling.

In addition, it’s a great idea to encourage the audience to talk about your brand by asking them what their favourite features or product are in the captions. This can push them to comment more and thus boost your engagement.

  1. Cross-Promote Your Account 

Running a business on Instagram is all about making the right connections. This should also be applied to your marketing strategy. It is very crucial to link your social media content to the website where you sell your products and services.

Additionally, ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, it has become easier to integrate the two platforms together into your strategy. You can now use Facebook ads to promote your posts simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Schedule Your Posts

One of the best ways to boost engagement on Instagram is to post your content when your target audience is most active. 

Insights into your audience can provide details of their location, online activity and demographics to help you determine the best time to post. Plus you can use various tools to schedule your posts. Many businesses also buy Instagram followers to boost their metrics and bypass the algorithm.

  1. Add a CTA 

Adding a CTA to anything you post can help encourage users to engage with your content and purchase your products and services. To create a CTA, you simply need to add a prompt asking them about something related to the product you’re selling. You can even go as far as to tell them to visit your website and make a purchase.

There are always high chances of potential clients viewing your posts. And your CTA might just be the push they needed to take action on your business.

  1. Leverage Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories holds so much marketing potential that it should be a crime for businesses to ignore this feature. Many users even swear that a post that’s not doing well picks up the engagement rate when they repost it on their stories.

You can also use the poll and questions stickers to have fun with the audience, gain insight into their preferences and boost engagement. If you feel your content needs more encouragement, you can use the best sites to buy Instagram followers too.


Instagram can be a powerful tool to achieve brand objectives once you get over your fear of how to increase engagement on Instagram. Pairing that with honing your skills to buy Instagram followers, your business is guaranteed to be an unstoppable force on the platform.

Nowadays, it is very important to build up your brand reputation and awareness on Instagram. This is because a lot of people actually come on Instagram to reach a product or brand before buying anything.

So use these proven tips and tricks to create better engagement for your business on Instagram.


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