Have you asked why some posts or publications have millions of likes while others keep pressuring people to engage with their content and get a multitudinous backlash instead? The difference is their SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is non-negotiable for any business that operates online or is keen on reaching an online audience. 

While SEO for generally acceptable products is not a walk in the park, when products like Kratom that don’t have general public acceptance are involved, it becomes even more complex. Because of such technicalities, it is vital to be strategic and astute if you want to drive traffic to your Kratom website. The reason is that Kratom is still stepping up to be on the right side of legislation, at least in most economies. That means the standard SEO options may not be readily available due to regulations. 

With all that in mind, it is still possible to place your Kratom website on the waves and attract mammoth traffic to your website. 

Here are five techniques that you can employ to excel and edge past your competitors.

  1. Capitalize on Appropriate Backlinks and External Linking Strategies

Links are a great way to drive traffic to your website. This can take two phases.

  • Internal

Internal backlinking involves strategically inserting links that lead to other pages and services within your website. When people need additional information, they don’t go to other websites but find it right within your website, making your website operate like a departmental store. You can optimize this by linking popular pages, especially contingent products. For instance, you can have your Kratom on a page, have the user’s instructions on a blog, and link the two pages. This will make you drive traffic to your page. 

  • External

External linking involves linking your pages with other external pages. This will work well with a popular and relevant website. For a more strategic move, you can engage with a Kratom backlink agency at a cost-effective price and let them do the work for you. These agencies have the relevant expertise and the right skills to help build quality links dedicated to Kratom. 

  1. Intensify on Relevant Keywords 

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The use of keywords is an excellent strategy for top-notch search engine optimization. People often don’t have the time to type long paragraphs on the search engine. For instance, if someone wants to search “White Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder Natural Plant Based Medicine for Pain Relief and Anti-Anxiety in Dish,” they will not type everything as it is. On the contrary, they will type a few relevant words like “Sumatra kratom pain relief.”

Therefore, you will need to be quite strategic and often think like a potential buyer, then place your keywords appropriately. Also, try putting your keywords on the first page or the first half of your blog or website landing page, ensuring greater attention.

  1. Engage With Social Influencers

Image source: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/social-influencers

Social influencers are individuals with huge followings who command attention in online spaces. Huge sports companies like Nike reap well from such strategies by using great athletes as brand ambassadors. You can engage social influencers to help put your brand on the waves by engaging their followers in discussions involving your brand. They can provide relevant links to your websites by creating suspense and directing them to the complete information source. Using social influencers to recommend your products and give attention to your website is a great way to reap the benefits. However, you must prepare them well by ensuring they understand your product and say exactly what you want them to say.

  1. Branding

Image source: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/kratom-branding

Branding is a household technique that will always remain novel. Think of a unique name for your Kratom that, when put on the search engine, will bring them to the website. You can consider some attractive appellations that are a household name to your brand. While all stores have White Thai Kratom, you could think of adding something good on top. Think of something like ‘Top Elixir White Thai Kratom’ to stand in your space away from the crowd. You can also fashion your brand to depict the exact solution it provides. A unique brand that can be singled out in the market is a way of enhancing your search engine optimization.

  1. Rigorous and Relevant Blogging

Image source:https://unsplash.com/s/photos/blogging

There is something about people that cuts across; people like to be informed before they make decisions. Before getting to the Kratom website, for instance, most people would want to get relevant information from an external blog post before they make their decision. The internal opinion is deemed biased and affected by conflict of interests. You can drive the audience to your website by pitching yourself in recommendations by external bloggers and internal blogging that will act as informers and lead people to your landing page. 

Investing in informative blogging with relevant factual information is a great strategy to enhance your search engine optimization. This must be done well without appearing desperate or simply linking pages as click baits. 


Search engine optimization strategies are crucial for websites, especially if sought-after products like Kratom that come with restrictions are involved. Grand scheme can help you attract attention to your kratom website without being limited by regulations pushed down the pecking order by competitors. The five strategies discussed in this article will help you edge above your competitors.


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