Nainital, as you hear the name, you are sure to have visuals of snow-capped mountains offering the perfect charm. May it be a holiday time or your honeymoon, Nainital has so many romantic spots for couples. Even if you prefer exploring different spots, Nainital is the destination to be. With various Treebo Nainital hotels, you can easily book a cosy stay with your darling partner.

As you think of visiting Nainital with your partner, know that it is filled with destinations of immense beauty and mysteries. Right from serene boating experience to adventurous trekking expeditions, Nainital has everything for your desires. Make sure to capture the encapsulating beauty of the location as you two make memories for life.

5 Things to Do for Couples in Nainital are –

1. Boating in Naini Lake

Isn’t it mesmerizing to watch the amazing backdrop of mountains? It is truly a beautiful feeling to hold hands of your darling partner and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Naini lake. Nainital is best known for its serene lake that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Also, you get to view the beautiful Tiffin Top and Naina Devi Temple at the top while being near the lake.

Naini lake is an amazing spot for honeymooners. You can choose to have a picnic here or go for a soothing boating experience. Also, you can find various other couples adding romance to the time. Do not forget to click the picture here. Also, book Treebo Nainital hotels near the lake for a comfortable stay.

2. Seek Blessings at Naina Devi Temple

Naina does sound similar to the destination Nainital. It’s because various mythologies suggest that the destination got its name from the Goddess Naina. It is one of 51 shakti peethas and it is believed that Goddess Sati’s eyes fell here. That’s why the temple has two eyes in the inner sanctum that are worshipped by locals here.

As you enter the temple premises, you are greeted with ultimate comfort and a soothing environment. You can also find idols of Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesh besides the Goddess Naini. You can either trek towards the top or simply opt for the scenic ropeway to reach the famous temple with your loved one.

3. Experience Love from the Tiffin Top

As the name suggests, Tiffin Top is a famous destination for thrill seekers. We sure know that there’s always one adventurous fellow between two people. If you also have someone who loves to chase the sunrise, Tiffin Top is definitely the right place for you! Tiffin Top offers enchanting views of the Naina Devi Temple and the huge Naini lake from the top.

Tiffin Top is all about adventure and who doesn’t love to experience an adrenaline rush with their partner? The location offers activities like rock climbing, rappelling and hiking. The terrain is a bit tricky and takes time to reach, however, it is filled with scenic views of Nainital. You can also opt for a horse ride that is easily available from Bara Pathar.

4. Witness Wildlife at Nainital Zoo

If you are in Nainital with your loved one and do not wish to go for strenuous adventure activities, exploring the zoo is your go-to option. Nainital is famous for its exotic wildlife that you can view at the zoo. It is indeed one of the best experiences you can have with your partner. Also, make sure to book Treebo Nainital hotels for a comfortable stay after a tiring day at the zoo.

Also known as G.B Pant High Altitude Zoo, it is located on the top and is home to many endangered species. You can spot the Royal Bengal tiger and Tibetan wolf being the rarest finds here. Himalayan bears, barking deer and Himalayan civets are also exotic animals here. Additionally, the zoo surprises you with exotic birds that you can spot with binoculars. So, do not wait to watch the colors of nature at this zoo.

5. Shopping and Eating at the Mall Road

Visiting the Mall Road with your special someone is definitely a thing to do. Mall Road is a popular spot in Nainital offering the best shopping experiences. You can find various handicrafts, pickles and other handmade squashes. Walk with your partner and pick fresh fruits for your loved ones from here. Also, you can find many pine cone decorations elevating your shopping experience.

Along with this, Mall road is home to some of the famous cafes and eateries here. You can find many street side stalls as well as restaurants serving authentic cuisine of Nainital. Make sure to check for restaurants and opt for an early booking to avoid crowds. Also, these restaurants top with hospitality and you can always strike a conversation with locals here.

As you think of exploring Nainital, know that it is crucial to book a cosy stay with the best of amenities. That’s when Treebo Nainital hotels help you find the perfect accommodation through the website.

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Nainital offers an enchanting vibe that attracts you to explore and never get bored of it. It is home to various tourist attractions, famous eateries and Treebo Nainital hotels. The place is surely a mystical one to be visited with your special someone.


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