2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA Read At Length!>> Here, we’ll find out about various qualities and houses that are listed for purchase.

Everybody currently is fine with having a great home along with other qualities themselves people work so difficult daily in countries such as the U . s . States to satisfy these dreams.

2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA may be the primary subject that we’ll undergo during this article because locating a good house nowadays isn’t that easy, which the following is several qualities or homes that are for auction on various property websites and therefore are up for purchase, there are plenty of qualities that are in purchase in the usa together with these are among them.

Here in the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss everything associated with these on-purchase qualities. To understand more, look at this article up until the finish.

2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA:

It’s essentially a series of qualities placed on purchase in the usa, which qualities, when offered, were make the group of award-winning spectacular views these qualities undergo a front yard lined through the trees and eventually results in a hilltop.

These qualities have various spectacular specifications just like a gourmet country kitchen, skylights sky drenched islands with butcher block and lots of other specifications that we’ll discuss briefly later in the following paragraphs.

It’s pointed out that it’s a spectacular property w value is going to be elevated by 2 percent within the next year based on the home cost index.

Information on the 2652 Bent Spur Property:

We’ve listed the facts from the property of 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA here below:

Address from the property- 2652 bent spur Dr. Acton CA, 93510

Country- La

Parcel id from the property- 3058025008

Size of the home- 3.335 square foot

Lot size of the home- 159498

year that was renovated- 1989

the date which the home was updated- 03/13/2021

which kind of rentals are it- single family

final amount of rooms-8

pool availability-yes.

They were the data associated with the qualities indexed by the 2652 bent spur qualities further in the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss this property’s cost and tax history. To understand much more about this property, read here.

Tax and Cost Good reputation for the home:

Cost information on 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA property.


07/21/2020- the home was offered at $700,000 at $190 per square ft

06/03/2020- the home was offered for $719,999 at $216 per square ft

05/30/2020- the home was offered for $719,999 at $196 per square ft

09/09/2019- the home was offered at $769,000 at $209 per sq . ft ..

06/20/2018-the home was offered at $759,800 at $207 per square ft

they were the facts concerning the cost and tax information on the home.


In the following paragraphs, we’ve read and discussed property sites, and mainly we emphasized 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA, and we view all of the relevant details associated with this property, in the information on the home towards the tax and cost history.

Do you consider these kinds of qualities are sufficient for any single-family? Then, do tell us your views.


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