In the following paragraphs, we’ve discussed the Youneedchanels com and why the website was produced by NBCUniversal.

Did you know a lot of your favourite YouTube Television channels might be deactivated soon? Would you like to do something from this situation? If that’s the case, this publish is going to be advantageous for you.

YouTube TV and NBC are not able to achieve an offer for broadcasting. The You’ll Need Funnel website was produced to permit individuals the U . s . States to do this from the situation. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss the issue and also the Youneedchanels com website.

What’s YouTube TV and NBC dispute about?

Google has worked to increase our agreement with NBC Universal to ensure that their content will continue to be broadcast online TV. However it appears that both companies haven’t signed an offer yet they do not accept each other’s demands.

YouTube just mentioned inside a blog publish when NBC Universal offers them fair terms, the offer is going to be restored. However, if no agreement is created by Thursday, 30th September 2021, the NBC Universal variety of channels is going to be taken off YouTube TV. Before being aware of Youneedchanels com, let’s begin to see the effects YouTube TV users will face in cases like this.

How can this dispute affect YouTube TV users?

Suppose no contract is finalized between YouTube TV and NBC Universal. For the reason that situation, YouTube TV may remove 14 or even more popular NBC channels, including all NBCUniversal news, sports, and entertainment channels.

In addition, when the contract isn’t extended and NBC programming is taken away using their site, YouTube TV will reduce its membership prices by $10, getting the monthly subscription cost from $64.99 to $54.99.

What’s the Youneedchanels com website about?

NBCUniversal Media has additionally produced a web site to make its viewers conscious of this case. The website’s name is that you simply Need Channels com. On this web site NBCUniversal Claims that YouTube TV may drop their channels using their site and asks to do this against YouTube TV.

NBC Universal has offered viewers three choices for following through against them. Users could use the Send a Tweet choice to tweet mentioning YouTube TV for ongoing the NBC Universal Funnel, plus they may use the Talk to YouTube TV choice to address their concerns to YouTube TV chat support. Additionally, NBC’s Youneedchanels com supplies a Switch Provider option in which you may lookup info on alternative providers.

This is actually the listing of NBC Universal channels YouTube TV may remove:

NBC Entertainment

NBC Night Time

NBC Specials and Sporting Occasions

NBC Sports Boston

NBC News




GOLF Funnel




Universal Kids

USA Network


The YouTube TV and NBC Universal dispute will affect many viewers across America. Though NBC and YouTube TV have addressed this problem through the website and blog, we’re still unsure of what’s going to happen. Go to the official NBC You’ll Need Channels website to understand more.


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