Writing an essay can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the right structure and tricks. Besides, it can be time-consuming when you don’t know how to start and craft. But, we have put together the most important things that make an essay compelling and hook the reader.

Arguments and Evidence

An essay is nothing without arguments. You must brainstorm to develop strong and interesting arguments or ideas when you have a topic. Once you list down your arguments that support your viewpoint on the topic, find evidence. The evidence could be:

  • A fact.
  • Statistics.
  • A real-life example.
  • A study finding.

Without backing your argument with evidence, your argument holds no value. Hence, using strong evidence to support your idea or argument is crucial. But, you can also ask a writing company: “please write my paper for me” if you feel stuck.

Citing Sources

When you state your argument or idea and back it up with evidence, you must attribute it to a credible source. It will lose credibility if you support your idea or argument with evidence but do not cite it.

So, make sure you note down the relevant sources while doing the research for your topic. And use them when you’re done drafting your piece.

It is also important to mention the full reference of your citation at the end. Doing so helps your teacher know you have done the reading and used authentic sources.

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Starting with a Hook

It won’t be impressive if your essay contains interesting ideas/arguments and strong evidence but does hook the reader right from the start. So, you must make sure your introduction is interesting and engaging. It must start with a hook. A hook could be:

  • An interesting statement.
  • A controversy.
  • A fun fact.
  • An intriguing quote.

Keep in mind that this hook must introduce your topic. After that, you must share a sentence or two that contains the background information of the topic. And then comes the thesis statement. Remember, the thesis is the backbone of your essay. It tells the reader what exactly your paper is about.

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Using the Right Structure

Another important thing to keep in mind when crafting an essay is ‘structure.’ Generally, an essay follows the following structure:

  • Introduction: Make your position clear here following thesis.
  • Body: Divide it into logical paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: Summarize key points and conclude with an interesting food for thought.

The body paragraphs vary, depending on the type of your essay. If you have to craft a problem/solution essay, use one paragraph of your body to describe the problem. Use a separate paragraph to discuss the solution. Or, if you have two problems to discuss, you can discuss one problem and its solution in a single paragraph. And discuss the other problem and its solution in the second paragraph.

If you have to write an advantages/disadvantages essay, write the advantages with examples in your first body paragraph. Then, discuss the disadvantages in your next paragraph. Then summarize the key points in your conclusion.

Similarly, if you have to tell the reader whether you agree or disagree to the essay question, use atleast two arguments to prove your viewpoint (position).

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Once you’re done drafting your piece, it is time to read it. First, go through it and check if you have used the right vocabulary throughout and if there is any spelling or grammatical mistake. Then, reread it and check the flow of your essay. Make sure all the sentences and paragraphs are well-connected. And there is no new information in conclusion. Then, reread it for the third time to ensure you did not overlook any errors.

You can also use Grammarly to ensure the piece is 100% error-free. Or, you can even ask a friend or a family member to read it for you and share feedback. Having someone else read your piece helps you identify some mistakes that you can’t see as a writer. And you can even ask a professional editor to proofread and edit it. All in all, writing an essay is no rocket science. All you need to know is the right tips and tricks to craft a piece that compels. And now that you know those tips and tricks keep them in mind when drafting your piece. Following them will help you create an impressive essay that gets great scores and a teacher’s appreciation.


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