Facebook videos register higher engagement rates than just text and audio content. Vertical videos with descriptions shorter than ten words boost engagement by 0.15%. The click-through rate of videos shared on Facebook pages having lower than 5,000 followers is at an all-time high of 29.66%.

More people than ever before are using Facebook Live’s video features today. All these figures are more than enough to show the importance of Facebook videos and why you should integrate them into your marketing campaigns.

What to Know About Facebook Video Creation

Creating high-quality and clear videos for your Facebook fan page is a multi-step process requiring high-end tools and complex skills. As a Facebook video creator, you need pro-level videography skills and competence in video editing. If you are not competent at editing, you won’t give your videos consistency in terms of transitions, graphic overlays, and motion tracking.

For this reason, you must never publish your Facebook videos until they are edited and refined by a professional video editor. Experienced editors add visual cues by optimizing color palettes, music tracks, and other aspects that boost reception.

Missing Technical Details Could Affect the Reception

Every Facebook video must meet all standard technical specifications. Unless you’re an experienced editor, you won’t know the perfect resolution and bit rates. You may publish the videos without the proper addition to offset compression artifacts. Facebook video editing services overhaul your videos, ensuring they meet the 30 FPS minimum frames per second and the ideal bit rate per video resolution.

Proper Length and Mobile-Responsiveness Boasts Performance

Approximately 98% of social media users access Facebook via a mobile device. This fact shows the importance of making your mobile videos short and quick to load. Make your episodic shows, live streaming, and storylines at least three minutes long. For teasers, ads, announcements, and intriguing moments, preferably make them less than 20 seconds.

To boost mobile users’ overall reception of your videos, consider the following:

· Use recognizable branding and exciting introductions.

· Follow the 9:16 ratio when framing your story, as that makes the best use of most mobile devices’ screens.

· For better viewer experiences, use bright faces and colors, close-in shots, and legible text.

Add Engagement Baits to Your Videos

One of the reasons to hire professional Facebook video editing specialists is that they help add engagement baits to your videos. They optimize the video to meet this aspect, including sharing, reaction, commenting, voting, and tagging.

Reaction baits motivate people to reach out to the videos to show their approval or disapproval of the video content. Bait triggers increase shares, while comment bait increases users’ comments. These are fundamental aspects of Facebook video creation that cannot be ignored.


You want optimal engagement when you create a Facebook video to market a product, entertain your audience, or sell a service. From comments, tags, and shares to reactions and votes, they are all critical aspects to consider when creating content for your audience. You cannot achieve all these if you don’t get your videos edited professionally. Trust BeCreatives with all your Facebook video editing projects, and watch as your content attains maximum engagement and reception.


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