You need to use nails of different sizes, lengths, designs, and diameters. They are also made of different metals and materials. You should use nails in the garage, portico, and verandah requires several types of nails.

You should select the right nail for household stuff. If the type of nail is right, you may not be able to use these nails at home. There are several types of nails available in the market. They can be made of copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. 

These nails are known as the smooth shank because the shank of the nail can be easily punctured through the wall. You can also use roofing nails. These nails are used for multiple purposes, including hanging your clothes on them or attaching degree frames mounted on walls.   

You also have a ring shank. This is basically a ring shank nail, which is used for corrugated roofing. Depending upon your needs, you can buy various types of nails online on Alibaba. 

Here are the top five types of nails you can use at home for multiple purposes:

Nail with Oval Head: Commonly known as Oval Brad Nail, it is used to fix timbers of heavy nature and hardboards. Such nails can fix or attach other stuff, too. 

Round Head Nail: Also termed as Round Wire Nail, it is used for woodworking. Such types of nails join the wood and woodworking quite tightly. 

Panel Pin: It is lightweight and made of metal. Such a pin would be thin or slender and can penetrate the wood without damaging it. Fitting wood with a panel pin means adding extra strength to the fitting. The wood fitted with a panel pin would not fall or collapse. 

Ring Shank Nail: It has a flat head and gives a tighter grip to wood or any other roofing material. That is why softwood or panel would not be damaged by such a nail. The grip of the roofing or panel is quite tight and strong when this type of nail is used. 

Clout Nail: It is useful to hold asphalt roofing. The nail is galvanized and does not rust. These nails are wide, thin, flat head, and short shank. 

In Conclusion

Nails are purpose-built to tighten or fasten hard and heavy frames and boards on walls. Sometimes, tightly fastened shingles are used for waterproofing purposes. The nail is important as a shaft and shingle can be tightly fitted with its help. It is better to checkout online resources and enhances your knowledge before you buy the required quantity of nails. 

Most roofing nails are wide, flat heads, and short shanks. The tip or point of the nail is so sharp that it can penetrate through the metal or material used in roofing. This sharpness or pointed tip is essential so that it does not break the roofing material and enters through it without any difficulty.

First, you need to understand the purpose for which you will buy nails. Once you know the purpose it becomes easier for you to use the particular nail for a specific task. Unfortunately, all types of nails can’t be used for all types of tasks. You may need specialized task-based nails for particular work. 


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