The increased popularity of social media platforms focuses on the content being uploaded. You are guaranteed the most effective ways of connecting with your friends and family and allowing them to understand your top interests. However, with the challenges of juggling the best topics to engage your followers with, you should decide to differentiate your hobbies by having multiple accounts. Well, whether doing this is to manage your job feed, showcase your portfolio or business, you can easily switch between the profiles and find this the right decision. Here is all you should know about the benefits of creating different accounts.

Separating your work and personal life

As a business owner, you must separate your private and professional lives. The good thing is that you can create different social media profiles. Besides, you will not need to switch from one to the other without logging out or back to access other accounts. Most importantly, if you are wondering how to have multiple Instagram accounts, remember your potential customers should not see what you do every weekend or daily. Equally, you should avoid bombarding friends with business-related content to foster your relationship. So you can add more accounts after updating your app. In addition, the platforms allow users to follow your brand, comment, or follow your content. You can enjoy the unique features to enhance your videos for better engagement and creativity, thereby growing your brand’s popularity.

Take advantage of business-related gains

Creating your work account allows you to gain more insights through the analytical data collected. Managing several accounts from the same device lets you know your users’ needs, enabling you to expand your audience reach and customer base. On the business profile, you can enjoy the perks of paying for promoted commercials and monetizing your account. You cannot do this using your profile. This option will enable you to create a new account you can use. If you do not need to receive overwhelming notifications from all the added profiles, you can turn this off or silence the secondary account’s notifications. 

Change Your Privacy Settings

With a business and work life, not everyone should know every activity you are engaged in at any time. When you create multiple profiles, you can allow anyone to access one while the other remains for your circle of friends. While you can choose to link to your social media accounts, your peers on the networks should not view your posts automatically. At this time, you should maintain your interests while catering to your followers’ expectations through your posts. Managing different profiles allows you to pitch the interests you share online and what you show certain audiences. 


The modern-day business world features increased internet and social media use. As many people manage, it is undoubted that you will enjoy multiple benefits from managing different social media accounts simultaneously. Whether you are managing your personal or work profile to show your friends your hobbies and interests, this guide makes it a breeze for you to understand how to have multiple Instagram accounts. With many followers, your profile’s visibility is enhanced with the greater likelihood of attracting other users organically. Apart from the expanded base, many followers make potential viewers consider you more trustworthy and credible.


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