Do you remember the first day in second grade? That time you jumped from a big fish to a small one in the school sea? It’s a transition and the end of an era for your child – and no matter how big they are, for the most part, they are suddenly outgrown by their teenage years.

How do schools organize the transition from primary school to secondary school? 

Usually, the end of the third semester is when students look forward to their “jump” day – when they find out who their new teacher and classmate will be. Schools may hold orientation days – also called transfer or exchange days – to familiarize students with their new classroom and routine. 

Many British schools in Dubai use the Arcadia program. It includes an interdisciplinary forum that gives secondary school teachers an overview of what to expect in the coming academic year. Excursions in secondary classes; And meet the teachers meeting. It is a crucial trial course to prepare students for what to expect. 

Pupils in all islamic schools in UAE, such as SBS (now up to Year 9) and Arcadia, may have an advantage over children in independent primary schools. They already know the campus and some teachers and will be part of the school community (e.g., participating in home activities from day one). 

However, in a country where many Year 7/6 students come to the UAE every year, there is also a lot of support for new students as there are many transfers between different schools.

What can parents do to support their children during the summer holidays and prepare them for high school? 

Transitioning from 6th grade / 5th grade to 7th grade / 6th grade can sometimes be complex, full of excitement and fear. It can be overwhelming for parents to step in and solve the most common problems to ease the transition to middle school.

Go to school early

Children can be anxious about change, especially when moving from primary school to secondary school in a different location. An essential step is to ensure that the children can visit the new school and meet some of the teachers so that the students can see where they are studying. This helps remove ambiguity as they begin to visualize their secondary journey.

It is possible that most american schools in Dubai offer school trips to prospective parents. If the high school is a new platform, an excursion is worth ensuring that children can be mentally ready. Make sure the high school knows well that it can positively impact children’s help to fight on the first day.

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Understand the anxiety and sense of your child

Speaking of your child’s significant movement, it offers an excellent opportunity to understand their concern and answer their questions. Their feelings about the secondary transition can be overwhelming; for many, it is the most significant change they have ever made.

“Listening to their feelings is a great way to make sure your child is heard before helping them develop a plan to reduce negative feelings and letting them know they have someone to deal with what lies ahead. “

Maintain friendships and make new friends

Friendships are constantly changing during the first few years of high school. It can be challenging to help your child understand that this is normal. Discuss with your child how preferences change as we grow and that everyone matures at different stages.”

Friendships throughout middle school, are vital in giving children a sense of belonging. Although many went to primary school with the same peer group, they did not have close relationships with those peers due to circumstances. In some cases, children do not know any of their peers. Both scenarios lead to anxiety and uncertainty.

Therefore, it is essential that parents prepare their children for this. Use social media platforms to connect with other parents of children attending the same school or to contact the school before the school year begins. encouraging children to keep in touch with their peers through virtual platforms ensures the continuous development of social skills. Ensuring that familiar faces surround all children on the first day can help reduce feelings of anxiety.

Develop freedom and time management

Therefore, the expected high school release is not shocking, and parents advise presenting their child’s independence on their online program on that day. The child must be ready for children who are not ready and confirm that the task is over; the child must be more responsible for his speed and consequences. What

Other tasks are another obstacle to starting elementary school children. Helping your child create a weekly program, including homework, leisure, and entertainment, is a great way to build a week and allow students to manage their time and time.

Because parents recognize this new step in their lives, instead of emphasizing the changes, they help them start making a new word less shocking. Furthermore, they no longer offered tasks. They have different deadlines and different teachers for different subjects.”


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