In the Stardew Valley game, the egg festival is held every spring on the 13th day. Citizens gather in the pelican town square to participate in the egg festival . In the egg festival, you can socialize with the villagers, in the stalls Buy some useful items, you can also take part in an egg hunt to get a new hat or some gold as a reward, in egg hunts you need to get up to speed quickly because you have to compete with other villagers and want to beat other villagers It’s not that easy, so the following editor brings you how to play the stardew valley egg hunt and all the eggs that can be collected in the map. If you want to know more about the stardew valley egg hunt, you can check .

1. All collectible eggs in Stardew Valley

There are a total of 27 eggs in egg hunt for players to find and collect . You only have 50 seconds to hunt for eggs. If you want to win, you must find more eggs than villagers, so it is best to get familiar with them first. Take a look at the map of Pelican Town to know where most of the eggs are. The image below shows the location of each egg .

Eggs are scattered all over Pelican Town, not just around the town square where the egg festival is held , so it is recommended that you ignore the eggs by the river, because the eggs by the river are likely to cause you to run around, try to collect them first Eggs from the bushes in front of the Stardrop Saloon , there will also be some eggs hidden around the house in the Mayor’s Manor , if you want to collect them quickly , the eggs in Pierre’s General Store can also help you .

To win the egg hunt , you need to collect at least nine eggs , because villager Abigail can find at least 8 eggs per game , so to ensure victory , you must be better than Abigail Lots of eggs to collect.

2. Stardew Valley Eggs Festival Rewards

After winning the egg hunt , the player can be rewarded with a new straw hat , but if the player has already completed one egg hunt victory , the second and subsequent egg hunts will be rewarded with 1000 grams of money after winning the egg hunt . Eggfest is only held once a year, so everyone should seize the opportunity to participate.

3. Pierre ‘s booth items

During Eggfest, you’ll see Pierre running a booth at Pelican Town Plaza , where you can interact with him and buy some items, Pierre ‘s booth has the following items to buy :

1. Lawn Flamingo : Farm decoration , 400g gold to buy.

2. Plush Rabbit : Soft and cute decoration , 2000g gold coins to buy.

3. Strawberry seeds : crops planted in spring can mature in 9 days and can be harvested twice for strawberries, 100 grams of gold coins to buy.

4. Seasonal Plants : Ornamental plants that change with the seasons , do not need watering , 350g gold coins to buy.

5. Colorful set : decorations that can be placed in the house , 500g gold coins to buy.

6. Pastel Banners : Decorations that can be placed in the house , 1000g gold coins to buy.

7. Decorative Pitchforks : Decorations that can be placed in the house, purchased for 1000 grams of gold.

Talking to Pierre and buying items at his booth is the first part of the egg hunt , the second half of the egg hunt starts by talking to Mayor Lewis , so if you want to talk to the villagers and buy something from Pierre , before speaking with Mayor Lewis. Eggfest is open from 9am to 2pm , you can experience the Eggfest event anytime in between , and then the Eggfest will end when players go home at 10pm.

That’s all for how to play the stardew valley egg hunt, the egg festival is an annual event in Stardew Valley, like any festival in Stardew Valley, you can participate in the event and get rewards, no matter what It wouldn’t hurt to be involved like that. Do you like Stardew Valley games ? Visit andyou’ll find more guides for your needs .


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