In today’s world, professional liability insurance coverage is essential to protect the educational entity. It covers the entire educational entity, including its employees and volunteers. Nearly every school is faced with an increasing number of lawsuits based on different issues. Education stakeholders are faced with terminations, hiring, and promotions issues. More cases are brought against school officials based on student expulsion, discrimination, and integration. The content herein walks you through the basic educator liability insurance.

Offer protection in situations where your school can’t defend you in 

You might be wondering why you need educator liability insurance in the first place. Although some schools offer teachers a form of educator’s insurance, you can’t rely on such insurance since they don’t provide coverage if the school itself takes an action against you. The main reason to purchase personal coverage is to ensure protection in situations where your school is against you or can’t, or won’t defend you. This insurance cover comes in handy when you are wrongfully terminated, accused of a criminal act, or on leave of absence, where the school insurance policy won’t protect you.

It provides coverage against common complaints filed against teachers 

While working in the field of education is rewarding, it is also challenging in equal measures. In the education arena, the act of shaping the minds of tomorrow is a noble task, thus you ought to take it very seriously. However, there are so many unforeseen risks associated with working in and overseeing educational facilities. Many teachers face several occupational exposures that could leave them open to potential lawsuits. Educator liability insurance is one way to help protect you at work. They provide coverage against common complaints filed against you.

It covers Allegations of negligence

A teacher may face many unique risks in the course of his work. Since you work closely with students, their families may offer strict instruction. As a teacher, you take the overall responsibility for their well-being. Working so closely with others will open you up to potential allegations of negligence. Professional insurance can help you prepare for this possibility and help you address the risk of allegations of negligence.

Coverage is worldwide

Another advantage of teacher liability insurance is that coverage is worldwide. As long as you are performing your educational employment activities, coverage includes on and off school grounds every hour a day. It is also worth noting that the policy is an “occurrence policy”, meaning that your coverage is linked to when and how the “occurrence” took place. 


Educators face the risk of liability lawsuits including special education, sexual discrimination, dress codes, and failure to educate among other issues. Relying on a union or your employer’s professional liability is not sufficient to offer you complete protection. Although your primary concern is the education and welfare of your students, you still risk being accused of many wrongful acts. As an educator, even an innocent comment could bring a claim against you from a parent. That is why you need insurance for teachers. That gives you peace of mind to do your job.


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