Pricing is arguably one of the most important aspects of any business, and getting this right (or wrong!) can be the difference between success and failure. Often, managing pricing is also one of the most challenging tasks, due to a variety of reasons but mainly the number of products, the dynamic nature of pricing, and the need to share the price lists across multiple stakeholders. ProductEngine is a simple answer to a large part of these problems. 

Let’s explore how ProductEngine can help businesses of all sizes optimise their pricing. 

1.The Salesforce Sync

With ProductEngine, you can upload your pricing spreadsheets through a direct Salesforce integration which lets you publish the data. The best part? This process takes seconds with ProductEngine, unlike hours with Data Loader. 

2.Free Viewer Access with Secure Sharing

We’ve all been there when we need to share pricing documents, but we also want to keep parts of it confidential. We want to share some information but not everything that exists in our pricing spreadsheet, so we create new versions of the doc sooner than we’d expect – we ourselves no longer know which the ‘correct version’ is. With ProductEngine, you can literally pick which specific columns you want to share so you have full control over your data.

Your viewers (who are free to add cost-wise!) can both access and, if you allow it, download the documents. But that’s not all. You will know exactly who has been viewing your documents, as each viewer is required to authenticate. 

3.Importing Supplier Pricing to Create Your Own Price List

You can import your supplier’s pricing, even if they don’t use ProductEngine themselves, through a CSV. Could it get any easier?

You can build your bespoke list by only adding the specific items that you sell/want to store to your list. 

Go one step further by creating your own price list (sell price), using our built-in functions for margin as well as currency conversion. You can then go on and share the price list with your customers, easily hiding sensitive information such as your margins, buy price, and any other sensitive data.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a demo today!


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