The Newtonville Shooting incident has switched to be threatening for anyone within the surroundings. Law enforcement officials don’t yet read the remarks.

This news in regards to a shooting in Clarington has shocked everybody within the surroundings. Are you aware, this incident happened on 19th June on Newtonville road before 2 a.m? Three men were shot and put together hurt outdoors a home. This incident scared the folks in Canada.

Let’s find out more about the Newtonville Shooting, its after-effects, and all sorts of other details in the following paragraphs. Stay tuned in to understand much more about this shooting incident along with other similar occurrences.

What went down in Newtonville?

On 19th June, from around 1:30 to two:00 a.m., a gun shooting happened inside a house on Newtonville road. Three everyone was seen hurt away from home. These victims were shot and stabbed and were left awfully. The sufferers were located on the concession at 4am each morning.

From the victims, two were shot, and one of these was stabbed. The attackers ensured to injure these seriously. Newtonville Ontario Shooting has brought to some chaotic atmosphere within the surroundings. They were rushes towards the hospitals and trauma centers each morning.

When did this happen?

This shooting incident was overlooked through the police once they received a phone call at 4 each morning on 19th June. It had been reported around the concession road outdoors the home, and also the police were informed instantly. This incident appeared to become held from around 1:30 to two a.m., and no-one was conscious of this incident. Police forces are attempting to look for evidence.

Newtonville Shooting incident updates

The sufferers are seriously hurt, however the victims have saved their lives through this threatening incident. Everybody that there’s no suspect or evidence concerning the incident and it has requested the area to make contact with them should they have seen anything suspicious. Suspects are requested to make contact with them in the number provided, that is 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1614.

Do you know the other occurrences?

In addition to this existence-threatening incident around the Newtonville road in Clarington, there have been two other occurrences. On 17th June, a 26 years of age lady was shot in Durham similarly, a guy was accepted towards the hospital with wounds from gunshots.

Newtonville Shooting required place after these occurrences, and information still searching for any suspect associated with these occurrences. If they are related or could they be different can also be unfamiliar yet. We shall update you after we have any further news about this.


With this particular information, we have started to an finish for this article. The incident on 19th June left law enforcement inside a dire condition. When the individuals are from threat, they are examined through the police. We shall update you additional.

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