I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam (Sep) Find Out About It! >> The write-up shares information regarding the brand new scam to create others conscious of it. Book the data now.

Kelly Rissman, a journalist in the U . s . States, has published an announcement developing a buzz online. She published this statement online after she thought some frauds scammed her. The scammers have linked her number to Google Voice to complete scams with other people.

The scammers have set a Google Voice Account using her number, so when they make an effort to do scams with GV, the very first person to make contact with for analysis is going to be Kelly and never the scammers. So, exactly what does her statement ‘I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam” means?

What’s the Story About?

Two days ago, Kelly was surprised when she saw her mobile having a text in the resale application “OfferUp.” The statement reads, “Hi, is that this still available.” She couldn’t suspect an individual who has an interest in purchasing her old apartment furniture.

These were scamming to call her mobile number to setup Google Voice account like a real person. The content was sent with a lady within the U . s . States named Jaree. As Kelly confirmed that furnishings are available, she requested to talk about her telephone number.

Now she confirmed that “I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam” after discussing her number. She shared her number since the telephone number and payment info on the applying was verified. Jaree also were built with a profile picture along with other details to create her appear legitimate.

Is Google Voice Scam Normal with Others?

After evaluating, we discovered that lots of people apart from Kelly are victim for this Google Voice Scam. Users have shared comments on discussion forum concerning the scam.

Individuals are getting texts and voice calls from 220-00 and asking for that verification code to create-up Google Voice account.

Lots of people shared their number although some overlooked the messages and calls.

When Kelly Published “I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam”?

Everything was going normal, and both Kelly and Jaree were exchanging messages via text and make contact with. But, when Jaree requested her to talk about the six-digit code she received, it causes suspicion in Kelly’s mind. The code showed up in texts from “Google Voice.”

The content was from 220-00, with a Search, it had been confirmed the message was from Google. The fraudster requested for that Google Voice code in damaged British. Kelly didn’t bother to talk about the code.

She again received texts consecutively from Jaree, as though she copied the written text and pasted it sloppily. Now from the ironic reality from the situation, she researched the scam and authored: “I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam.”


As being a journalist, she’s still unaware of how she’s scammed. All scams she investigated involve removing the victim’s personal information like banking account details, address, and phone number.

In her own situation, the fraudster only requested for any code and telephone number, also it signifies the fraudster only uses a natural number to setup a Google Voice Account. So, it is called Google Voice Scam.

It’s the new type of scam prevailing online, and users must stay alter from it. Have you got any understanding of the “I Fell For Any Google Voice Scam?” Please share your opinion within the comments section.


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