Multiple entry visa Vietnam is a useful way of traveling for everyone.You don’t need to waste your time going to the Embassy and you can save your money. How do you know how to gain a multiple entry visa for Vietnam? Let’s WOLO TOUR tell you about it in this post.

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1. What is a multiple entry visa Vietnam, and how does it work?

A Vietnam multiple entry (Re-entry visa Vietnam) allows its holders to enter and leave Vietnam several times during the visa’s validity. Many people consider this kind of visa to be one of the most convenient ways for visitors who want to revisit Vietnam during a certain period of time.

2. Distinguish Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa Vietnam

There are two main types of visa in Vietnam, which are Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa. They have the same point and different points. We will let you know about the similarities and contrasts between them.

The analogous about Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa is they are the visa. Visitors must have valid visas to enter Vietnam territory.  You have to apply for a new one if your visa is expired. 

The main difference between these two visa types is that a multiple entry visa allows entry many times and a single entry visa allows entry to Vietnam for one-time only. During your single-entry visa validity, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam only once.

For example, it is legal for you to stay in Vietnam for 30 days if you submit a month single entry visa. “30 days” starts when your arrival date is registered. Your visa automatically expires when you exit Vietnam.

Multiple entry visa for Vietnam is considered more convenient than a single-entry visa. As long as the visa is valid, you can arrive and leave Vietnam several times. You don’t have to apply for a new one when you revisit our country because of the validity of your visa. Don’t forget to bring your visa whenever you travel.

3. How long will a multiple-entry visa valid for?

To have a multiple entry visa is not easy, so that many people want them usable as extended as possible. But there are some rules so that you can follow and prepare if you need to renew your multiple entry visa.

With a multiple entry visa, you can pay a visit to Vietnam as many times as you want during six months. It can also be up to 1 month depending on the expiration of your passport. Sometimes it can be shorter. The arrival to Vietnam must be done on or before the expiry date on your visa.

4. All sorts of Vietnam multiple-entry visas

There are many types of multiple entry visa for Vietnam. Due to the length of visa validity and the permission of them, there are main types of entrance multiple visa.

The first type of multiple entry visa is available for tourists:

  • 1-month multiple entry visa
  • 3-month multiple entry visa
  • 1-year multiple entry visa (US passport holders only)

The second type of multiple entry visa is for the purpose of business:

  • 1-month multiple entry visa
  • 3-month multiple entry visa
  • 6-month multiple entry visa
  • 1-year multiple entry visa

5. How to apply for your Vietnam multiple entry visa?

The visitors have two ways to apply for getting a multiple entry visa. You can follow each of them and find out which one is suitable for you.

5.1 Apply at a Vietnam embassy

The common way for applying for a visa is coming to the embassy. The process of applying visa at Vietnam embassy include:

  • Preparing your necessary documents such as: Original passport, completed application form, photos,… Please contact the embassy for more information.
  • Going to the Vietnam consulate/embassy in your country to summit or send the documents through the post office.
  • Paying the visa fee. You can charge in the Vietnam embassy if you submit in person. You can also attach the fee with the documents if you send them through the post office
  • Getting your visa and passport directly in the embassy or embassy person send back to you.

5.2 Get a visa on arrival

Many tourists evaluate a visa on arrival as one of the most convenient ways for traveling. The required documents and process are not so different.

  • Complete online application form, included: Your full name, date of birth, passport and the payment (No documents required).
  • Get visa approval letter via email: It may take 2 working days for a tourist visa or 7 working days for a business visa.
  • Showing the visa approval letter, 02 passport photos, entry and exit form and stamping fee at the VOA counter to get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

6. What is the cost of a multiple entry visa to Vietnam?

The cost of getting a multiple entry visa to Vietnam depends on your option. 

  • Visa fee for embassy visas: Depending on the embassy, which you apply with. You only pay once at the consulate or embassy.
  • Visa fee for visa on arrival: You have to pay twice. Once for getting an online approval letter and once for the stamping fee at Vietnam airport. 
Type of visaTourist visaBusiness visaStamping fee
1- month multiple entry visa Vietnam$15$90$25
3 months multiple entry visa Vietnam$45$145$50
6 months multiple entry visa Vietnam$420$95
1 year multiple entry visa Vietnam$70$550$135

You can contact the authoritative to ask about the fee for other types like: vietnam 1 year multiple entry visa, vietnam 2 year multiple entry visa,… 

7. What is the duration of a multiple entry visa Vietnam?

A multiple-entry business visa can be valid for up to 1 year while A Vietnam multiple-entry visa for tourism purposes is usually valid from 30 to 90 days. The duration depends on your travel purpose. 

How to extend vietnam visa” is a question many people are wondering. Visa extension allowed you to stay in Vietnam under new staying duration permission. 

If you want to stay in Vietnam longer than your replan, you must apply for an extended visa before your visa expires. It takes 7 working days to finish submitting your passport and requirements at the Vietnam Immigration Department Office.

You can easily extend your stay by requesting an extension through Vietnam E-visa multiple entries or submitting a Vietnam visa extension in person at the immigration office. Tourist visa extension vietnam is a service that you should know if you want to prolong your trip in Vietnam.

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