Recently, Snapmaker announced the launch of the laser safety acrylic sheet. The frosted acrylic sheet is designed to enhance its users’ safety and increase the printing process’s efficiency.  

The Snapmaker 2.0 is the most well-designed, easy-to-use, affordable 3D printer you will ever need. This awesome machine splits into three different functionalities. Not only can you print 3D models, but you can also use your printer for CNC carving and laser engraving. 

Whether you want to build a new hobby or perfect your 3D printing skills, the Snapmaker is a great option for those who are willing to tap into their creative side. You do not have to be an artist or a pro at 3D printing to enjoy the features of a 3D printer. 

Snapmaker cares about manifesting your creativity, but it also cares for your safety. The latest product is a Frosted Acrylic Sheet that protects your eyes from laser light scattering. This sheet model allows you to retain your focus while working by letting you see your progress through the sheet. This laser safety acrylic sheet allows you to get a safer and enhanced experience while using the Laser Module. 

Snapmaker recently announced the availability of the frosted acrylic sheet that not only enhances your user experience but it increases the safety of the user. You can place the laser safety acrylic sheet on top of the 3D printer’s main body since it is made with transparent acrylic. 

The acrylic sheets are etched with small holes not only for your safety but also to allow for a softer light effect. In turn, this results in an easier and more comfortable operation.

While these frosted sheets might be lightweight, they are highly strong. In addition, the frosted finish offers resistance against fingerprints and scratches and can withstand high impact without compromising their integrity. The frosted acrylic sheet is technically shatterproof. Most importantly, the sheets are weather-resistant, meaning they can be used for outdoor applications. At the moment, this laser safety acrylic sheet is only available in color black. 

While these sheets might be more expensive than others, they tend to last longer and withstand higher-intensity operations. In addition, you can get a laser safety acrylic sheet depending on the model on your Snapmaker 3D printer. One set is compatible with the first-generation models, while the other is best suited for the second generation. You can buy an individual frosted acrylic sheet or get them in several bundles.

The Frosted Acrylic sheet is now available for Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printers and laser engravers. Snapmaker recently obtained a global license for the laser safety acrylic sheet from Trotec Laser. This company has been the leading supplier of engraving systems and laser cutting for the past two decades. 

The frosted acrylic sheet upgrade kit allows you to tap into the laser capabilities of your 3D printer. As such, you are allowed to use the frosted one as a laser safety acrylic sheet to add a protective layer over your 3D printer glass bed. 

Snapmaker offers fast shipping, and all orders are shipped between 3-5 business days after the buyer completes payments. In addition, buyers are allowed a 7-day period where they can request returns and refund services from the company.

To further enhance the safety and efficiency of your 3D printing by getting add-ons. The Enclosure comes with an acrylic protective cover that weakens the laser levels. As such, you won’t need any extra protective equipment while creating your models. 

In addition, the Emergency Stop Button allows you to stop any processes and start afresh. This gives you complete control of your printing process while offering an extra layer of protection.


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