You may or may not be informed, but for decades, some of the most innovative people and hard workers have to acknowledge what to  use as rolling papers for purposes other than lighting.

From beauty to cleaning products, trying to roll papers can be a much lower cost option to many popular household ingredients.

Aside from origami, we wanted to give you some real-life, practical things such as what to use as rolling papers, that might just save your assent one day.

Flash Diffuser & Camera Lens Cleaner:

Any aspiring photographers out there who are always looking for that perfect shot should keep a pack of Rizlas in their camera kit bag.

Rolling papers have frequently been used to clean camera lenses. Because rolling paper is made of fine rice, you can use it to clean your camera without leaving any residue, scratches, or blemishes.

Rolling papers can also serve as an excellent flash diffuser. Simply fold a piece of paper in half, place it over the flash, and snap a photo.

Blotting Paper for Facial Oil:

This belongs in a piece titled “Stoner Beauty Secrets 101.” I’m sure many of our female readers are already aware of this, but for those who aren’t, rolling papers can be used as a less expensive cosmetic alternative for oily skin.

Hemp paper is generally very absorbent and has been widely used to treat greasy/oily skin.

Hemp papers in specific are excellent for this because they are allergenic and reduce the risk of skin rashes.

They are also extremely durable and will not easily tear or break, making them ideal sanitary items.

Tuners and guitar picks:

If you roll your paper tightly enough, you can turn it into a guitar pick that produces some really cool and unique sounds.

Another common trick for musicians is to place a rolling paper box on the fretboard behind the strings to slide your guitar into standard tuning.

Paper Reparation:

While it may appear obvious at first, it is easy to underestimate the effectiveness of rolling paper in repairing other paper items such as books, magazines, and other reading materials.

Simply apply a tiny amount of glue to your paper, stick it to your torn page(s), and BOOM! Your page looks almost brand new!

Simply make certain that the paper you use closely matches the color schemes of the page you are attempting to repair.

Moisture Absorption on Wind Instruments:

Here’s one more for all you musicians out there. Using the rolling paper’s absorbent nature once more, it can be used to absorb moisture that accumulates between the keypads and joints (particularly on the flute or oboe).

Wind instrument players have also been known to put a folded piece of rolling paper over their front or bottom teeth to protect their lips from being cut. This is because the clarinet puts a lot of pressure on their lips.

In terms of the number of different alternative uses that a pack of rolling papers is capable of, we have only scratched the surface.

Filter for coffee:

A coffee filter can be used as an alternative to rolling paper as a last resort. Coffee filters, while similar in consistency to standard rolling paper, are frequently thinner and thus much more flammable. As a result, when used to roll dry herbs, they burn extremely quickly. They’re also more likely to catch fire in inconvenient places: when smoking with a coffee filter, you risk losing your joint to a quick-burning fire.

To summarize:

Don’t worry if you’ve run out of rolling papers. Many common household items can be used in place of rolling papers. You can roll a decent joint with a rose petal, a corn husk, or even an empty cigarette if you get creative, use your imagination, and, most importantly, stay safe. When in doubt, conduct research and avoid smoking anything that may contain hazardous chemical preservatives.


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