Long hair offers possibilities for styling and one trendy option that has caught people’s attention is the space bun. These chic buns are versatile, easy to create and perfect for those who want a blend of sophisticated looks. Let’s explore the world of space buns and learn how to rock this hairstyle with long locks!

The Appeal of Low Space Buns

 space buns are a variation of the bun positioned lower on the head and often accompanied by a middle or side parting. What makes them particularly attractive is their ability to adapt to occasions. Whether it’s a day out or a formal event.

Preparing Your Long Hair

Having hair provides you with plenty of material for creating voluminous buns. Here’s a simple guide to help you achieve the low space bun.

Prep; Start with dry hair. Apply a styling mousse. Texturizing spray to add grip and hold to your hair making it easier to style.

Parting; Choose between creating a part or side part based on your preference. This step adds character and depth to the hairstyle.

Gather and Separate; Gather your hair into two ponytails, on either side of your head.

Make sure they are evenly positioned and secure them with bands.

Twist and Wrap; Take one of the ponytails. Gently twist it around the base creating a bun. Secure it with pins neatly tucking in the ends.

Repeat; Follow the steps, with the ponytail to create a symmetrical bun on the opposite side.

Tips for Those with Long Hair

If you have hair here are some tips to perfect your low space buns;

Add Volume; Gently pull at sections of the bun to loosen it slightly giving it a more voluminous and relaxed appearance.

Accessorize; Enhance your space buns by incorporating hair accessories like ribbons, scrunchies or pins to add some flair.

Braid It Up; Before making the buns try braiding each ponytail for a textured style.

Multiple Styling Options;

Low space buns offer versatility beyond their elegance;

Casual Day Look; Pair your space buns with a loose and flowy outfit for a relaxed yet stylish look that’s perfect for spending time with friends during the day.

Formal Twist; Elevate your buns by smoothing down any hairs and combining them with a dress or formal attire. This will give you a touch, for events or gatherings.


In conclusion low space buns are a choice, for those with hair who want to combine comfort and style effortlessly. They offer a practical solution, for both wear and special occasions. With simple steps and minimal effort you can achieve a hairstyle that beautifully complements your long locks.

Feel free to experiment with variations, accessories and textures to personalize your space bun and make it uniquely yours. Check out our shop at Juvabun. Embrace the elegance and convenience of this hairstyle as it adds a charm while showcasing the beauty of your hair.


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