Bora Bora Getaways Scam (Oct 2022) Browse The Truth! >> The publish shares information regarding a brand new scam circulating on social networking and attracting an enormous audience.

A viral publish on social networking asking individuals to comment, like, and share, as well as in return, they’d obtain a free 14-night remain at Le Meridien Bora Bora. Individuals the U . s . States need to know is Bora Bora Getaways Scam or legit.

The publish is circulation on the popular social networking funnel, also it got viral right after it had been printed. It promises to provide a free remain at the accommodation with only commenting, liking, and discussing the publish.

Let’s check whether it’s real or perhaps a scam.

What’s Bora Bora Getaways?

Bora Bora may be the famous resort offering luxury accommodation and amenities. Some miscreants are circulating a publish that went viral due to the alluring images while offering. The viral publish of Bora Bora Getaways Scam states offer users a 14-night remain in the posh Le Meridien Bora Bora Resort only for liking, discussing, and commenting around the publish.

The scammers are earning their publish appear legit and welcoming with the addition of real pictures of the accommodation plus a hypothetical cut-off date. However, after evaluating, we discovered that the viral publish and also the social page are deceitful and never real.

Bora Bora resort isn’t offering such gateways reely stays within the resort, and you will find no such competitions to select a champion. It’s a scam by a few individuals to attract users and promote their social page.

Is Bora Bora Getaways Scam or Legit?

As pointed out, Bora Bora Getaways is really a scam and never legit. The Bora Bora resort isn’t offering such free stays and competition to select any champion. After evaluating the publish and also the social page, we found a gimmick, with no such competition exists.

The publish is really a scam produced to draw in audiences for his or her likes and shares. It enables the fraudster to advertise their social page and obtain shares and likes free of charge. It’s the make an effort to gather likes to ensure that you can use it to distribute more such scams online to some large audience.

Besides, their email list of users produced with your scams may also be offered with other scammers within the underground community. So, be familiar with such Bora Bora Getaways Scam circulating online within the U . s . States.

Exactly What Does the Social Publish Claim that they can Offer?

As reported by the publish, users who’ll comment, like, and share the viral publish would get the opportunity to win a 14-night remain at the famous and famous resort, Le Meridien Bora Bora, for five people. The sale includes free accommodation, flights, and transfers.

The offer’s validity is 2 years, and also the participant may use the vacation anytime in 2 years. The closing date from the levels of competition are seventh March 2021 at 9 pm.

The social networking funnel has confirmed that it’s not endorsed or backed by them, and therefore the publish appears scam and never legit.


Bora Bora Getaways Scam is attracting many us citizens, and everybody really wants to know if it’s accurate and can savor the holiday in the resort.

It’s been confirmed that it’s totally and scam and never real. So, you have to ignore such claims and scams circulating on social networking.

Have you got almost anything to share concerning the scam? Please share your views within the comment section.


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