Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Ux58 Review (Sep) Read Then Order >> The write-up shares information regarding the authenticity of the multitasking laptop made with dual 4K displays.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review: Are you currently searching to find the best multitasking laptop? Would you like to possess the avant-garde laptop model inside your hands? Purchase the latest and modern Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58, the very best multitasking machine with ultra-modern features and dual-screen.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 has a modern spin to own traditional laptop a brand new design having a dual 4K screen and large firepower inside the panel. Laptops may be the fresh breathe-in laptop design, because of the twin-screen along with other effective specs.

Aside from dual 4K screens, laptops has numerous effective specifications which are worth mentioning. Laptops has become readily available for Worldwide shipping. It will be noted the actual searchability is by using Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux581.

What’s Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58?

The internet Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review confirms that Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 may be the multitasking laptop and gratifaction powerhouse, featuring dual 4K screens, Home windows 10 Pro, and 1TB of SSD storage. Laptops includes a 15.6-inch display using the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels while Nvidia forces the graphics.

Laptops includes multiple connectivity options, varying from Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and triple USB ports, headphone, HDMI port, MIC combo jack, and MIC ports. The style of laptops is very conservative, and it provides a complete aluminum structure.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 has a dual-screen setup, which is the main feature from the laptop. It features OLED and 4K display inside a glossy finish, and also the primary touch display provides a modern hue with sharper information on videos and pictures. You can buy it because it is readily available for Worldwide shipping, before that please feel the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review.


Brand – Asus

CPU – Apple Core i7 9750H Quad-Core Processor

Graphics – Nvidia GeForce RTX2060

Storage – 1TB SSD

Weight – 5.51lbs

Dimension – 14.1×9.7×0.94 inches

OS – Home windows 10 Pro

Memory – 16GB

Display Size – 15.6 inches

Screenpad Plus – 16 inches with 4K touchscreen

Resolution – 3840×2160 Pixels

Batteries Body Lithium Polymer Battery

First Available Date – 26th August 2019

Cost – $2599 USD

Pros of Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58

Dual 4K touchscreen displays for multitasking

Good star rating with Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review online

Great performance for gaming and multitasking

Fast SSD

Good cooling efficiency

Good built quality and effective specs

Cons of Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58

Bulky and high

Very costly model

Difficulties with the entire-screen games and applications

Screenpad Plus may not be helpful

Battery backup is average

Poor audio quality

Is Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Legit or Scam?

Based upon the star ratings, feedback, and reviews, the merchandise appears legit, and listed here are why it appears a legit product.

The merchandise has received a 4.3-star rating with enough Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review online.

The merchandise is available to buy at different ecommerce websites and retailers.

Many reputed and reliable review portals have reviewed the merchandise.

Laptops is supported by a brandname getting experience and knowledge of we’ve got the technology.

Many users have recognized the merchandise online.

These are the reasons that read the authenticity from the product. Many users have supported laptops for multitasking, and also the dual 4K touchscreen display may be the prime feature from the laptop. So, we found pointless to think about it a gimmick.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review from Customers

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 has been around since August 2019, and right right from the start, it’s been developing a buzz among laptop fans. It’s were able to garner many testimonials and reviews from customers and guaranteed a 4.3-star rating in the consumers.

Most the shoppers are pleased with the laptop’s performance, efficiency, and multitasking functioning. They’ve given a 5-star rating. However, some customers are not convinced using the laptop because of the booting issues, battery backup, and prices. A number of them also have received defective item. So, they’ve shared negative feedback having a 1-star rating.

Due to such mixed Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review, it might be required for buyers to check out the laptop before investing money.


Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 needs no introduction because it is the performance powerhouse and multitasking machine. The merchandise has received many reviews and feedbacks because of its efficient multitasking performance and quality experience, also it shows its authenticity.

With individual research, it’s possible to easily write out whether it’s worth purchasing the product for his or her specific situation.

Are you currently already while using laptop at your house . or office? Please share your Asus Zenbook Pro Duo ux58 Review within the comment section for that readers.


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