Aplikasi Telkomsel Error (Oct 2022) Explore the problem. >> Do look at this article if you are looking at learning about the My Telkomsel application’s error.

In the current article, we shall discuss the Aplikasi Telkomsel Error which has happened with Indonesia’s people. We shall discuss the applying itself, exactly what the application users are saying about this, and just what the organization says in exchange.

This short article shall offer an impartial summary of the problem concerning the My Telkomsel application that’s available within the Indonesia.

What’s My Telkomsel?

My Telkomsel is definitely an application on google’s Play Store. It requires up forty-seven megabytes of disk space on devices it’s installed onto. To date, this application continues to be established by 50 plus,000,000 people. The newest update (version 5.8) premiered around the twelfth of The month of january 18, 2021.

Within this update about Aplikasi Telkomsel Error, a couple of enhancements were created, for example- Bug fixes, refreshed looks around the marketing page, modifications designed to the balance, and bill indication page. The application’s primary objective would be to choose roaming packages simple for those going to various areas of the planet.

The applying states provide its users with a choice of entering the destination country the consumer is going to. My Telkomsel will get the best available roaming package and detail-oriented and arranged notification inbox, new alternative payment methods (ShopeePay, GoPay, LinkAja, OVO, Kredivo & DANA) for purchasing data, topping in the credit balance, having to pay bills along with other transactions.

What’s the Aplikasi Telkomsel Error, about?

Numerous My Telkomsel users happen to be grumbling concerning the application. Individuals from Indonesia have faced lots of inconvenience because of the application being not able to accomplish the web package transaction. This problem is a trending subject of debate on Twitter. Some customers have forfeit their credit balance because of the constant failure from the application to accomplish transactions.

My Telkomsel taken care of immediately this by posting a Tweet saying, “Telkomsel’s network in West Sulawesi Province, particularly in Mamuju and Majene Districts, has retrieved 100%. Now, residents can go back to enjoy use of our services as before.”

Regardless of this, users ongoing to manage Aplikasi Telkomsel Error regarding roaming packages and credit balance. My Telkomsel later apologized and accepted the interference was because of inflation within the service system.

Around the 19th of The month of january 2021, Denny Abidin designed a written statement saying, “In reference to the machine upgrade. We’re presently making efforts to accelerate the procedure, therefore we hope that My Telkomsel could be reaccessed when possible”. Also, he recommended the shoppers go on and provide their feedback or no other errors they are available across.


My Telkomsel application includes a score of three.8 stars from 5 around the Google Play Store. The majority of the comments published, speak ill concerning the application because of its errors and bugs that haven’t been entirely resolved. Hopefully, these problems is going to be permanently fixed later on.

Final Verdict:

This short article explains exactly what the My Telkomsel application is and it has covered all of the essential factors concerning the Aplikasi Telkomsel Error faced by Indonesia’s people. The current form of the applying continues to have a number of unfixed errors. The following update should hopefully fix all of the issues the present version is facing.

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