When you consider Paris, you probably have a picture-perfect image in your mind. Is its delectable food and wine expertly paired by some of the world’s best chefs? Is it romantic strolls on the Seine bridges at dusk, with the lit-up Trip Eiffel in the surroundings? Or are you hoping to immerse yourself in world-class art, from time immemorial and medieval to the modern exhibits at the Grand Palais Tokyo? In all cases, four days in Paris would allow you to sample the finest of everything that the City of Lights offers. 

Paris, also known as the City of Lights, is a graceful and time-honoured town with a rich ethnic history and a classic spirit. The French capital exudes elegance from its world-famous monuments to its haute cuisine and luxury fashion. We offer exploration of the iconic relics at the Louvre, have a picnic lunch in Luxembourg Gardens, or captivate yourself with the city’s moonlit landscape from the summit of the Eiffel Tower.

Attractions To Spoil You 

The city of Paris will transport you to a lively oasis with plenty to see and do. Don’t be deluded into believing that the attraction of this city is solely based on its history; Paris still has something to offer. 

● Journey and leisure with us will anticipate you once you visit this destination, from navigating the canal system to floating over the city’s rooftops in a hot air balloon. 

● When it comes to places of interest in Paris, you’ll be entirely spoiled for choice. This wonderful city has an array of fantastic architecture that captivates vacationers from all over the world.

Yes! We did not forget about the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is unrivalled in terms of iconic status. This architectural marvel soars to a suitable height of 324 meters, making it one of the world’s most famous landmarks. 

Stand at the top for breathtaking views of the city’s most important monuments. You’ll take a lot of photos just from the tower. But save some space on one’s camera for other photo opportunities throughout the city, such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Montmartre.

If you don’t feel like discovering Paris’s secrets on your own, think about joining one of the city’s many guided tours like ours, Gold Crest Holidays. From gourmet French food walking tours to Louvre skip-the-line tours, learn about Paris from experts with in-depth knowledge and information. If you don’t feel like walking around, hop on one of the hop-on, hop-off buses for great views of the world’s most romantic city. 

We do city breaks in Paris or a total 1-day tour to Paris or even a 5 days tour of Paris. There are several packages for how many days our travellers are too willing to stay in Paris. Our customers have the liberty to choose any of the packages as per their requirements. We assure you it will be the perfect city break tour one can have, and Paris also has its beauty. Join us and let us assist you, so your Instagram can be bombed with pictures of your perfect trip to Paris. 


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