As a content creator, you need to optimize your channel from time to time and generate traffic organically on your YouTube channel. The percentage of people using YouTube daily has been rising since it was first introduced, becoming one of the most used social media. In a recent survey, it is ranked the second most used application.

Apart from this, it has become the second most used search engine all over the Internet, even though it is not a search engine. Search engines like Yahoo and Bing have no competition in front of this application. Due to rising competition, many people buy YouTube views to increase their popularity in front of their audience. 

Why are YouTube views important?

It is one of the most common questions from every individual. As a content creator, you need to generate a decent amount of views on your channel because creators’ income depends on the number of views. However, the YouTube algorithm also works on the number of views the video Receives. 

Due to the rise in competition, it is very hard for people to get enough views to earn a good amount of money for their living or to complete their expenses. So boosting YouTube’s strategy should be its topmost priority. Below are a few techniques that might help you to gain a good amount of views.

Should you buy YouTube views?

You will see many advertisements claiming to provide you with a decent amount of views in exchange for a few bucks. So naturally, buying them would not be ideal because they will probably cheat you with money. However, YouTube also has a strict policy for users who buy fake views, likes, or comments on their videos.

Proven tips to promote your YouTube channel

  1. Write attractive titles – YouTube application marketing is all about the presentation; the more attractive your presentation, the higher the chances of getting a considerable amount of traffic on your channel. So you need to write a descriptive and attractive title for your video. But make sure that the title you are writing must be related to your video so that it does not disappoint your viewer. 

The title is not the only thing that you can write. The description box is full of word limits, and you should write a small and attractive description with proper keyword fitting. The first two lines of description must be relevant and perfectly presented because they are visible to the user on the page while they search for your videos.

  1. Engage with YouTube community – YouTube community is your audience by the comment section, or we are profile you can engage with them. Apart from this, you can also contact fellow YouTubers struggling to gain many views on their video. You can do the following things.
  • Collaboration – Making a video together and posting differently on their channel is always helpful for many people because it helps get more views on each other’s profile by their particular target audience. However, this is one of the most common practices done by many big YouTubers to showcase the strength of their community.
  • Promoting channel – If you do not find anything to collaborate on, then it would be ideal for you to ask your fellow mate to promote your channel on their channel, and in exchange, you also have to do the same for them.
  1. Customize your thumbnail – It is already evident that YT is all about presentation; the thumbnail also plays an important role in presenting the whole video. Thumbnail must be attractive to grab the viewer’s attention. You can keep the picture you will use in the very informative thumbnail and explain all the scenarios you will cover within the video.

Many people often judge a book by its cover, so you have to provide them with a good cover to gain a lot of views on your particular videos.

  1. Conduct surveys and giveaways – Holding giveaways is one of the best ideas to generate a decent amount of views on your YouTube channel. People always love to receive a free item as a gift, and for that, they can do anything. You can give your audience a target to complete, and after that, you promise to announce a winner with a good price for which people have to take all the necessary steps.

These are a few things that will help you to generate a decent amount of traffic on your channel. The rising demand in the competition of the YouTube community makes it hard for everyone to stand a chance in the race. However, if you work hard to improve your content, you do not need any trick to increase your view People will automatically like your content.


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