Job hunting is always a stressful time. As a recruiter, you need to understand how to quickly, efficiently, and attractively post your physician openings. Talent in this area will ensure that you can bring in a deluge of quality candidate applications ASAP. To ensure you’re prepared for the journey ahead, here are ten key job priorities that job-hunting physicians seek out: 

1. Proper Compensation 

Nothing turns away quality physician candidates from positions quite like poor compensation. Not only should you be providing top earnings packages if you want to attract top talent, but you should be shouting about how amazing your payment offerings are. If you fail to disclose how much you’re looking to pay candidates right out of the gate, you will miss out on a ton of quality candidates’ applications. 

2. A Convenient Location

If you have to fight traffic constantly or drive hours to and from work, you’ll be much less satisfied with your job. Due to this, physician candidates often seek out positions where they can get to and from the job site with ease. The amount of value this adds to a job offering emotionally, combined with the money this saves for the commuter, ends up making the convenience of a job’s actual location incredibly important. When candidates are trying to find physician jobs in their area, they’ll value location convenience above many other job posting priorities that we’ll be discussing. 

3. Reasonable Hours

Many physicians have strong social lives and have families of their own to take care of. If you want quality candidates to apply to your physician openings, you need to convince them that a position’s hours will work for their day-to-day scheduling needs. After all, family-centric physician candidates value the amount of work-life balance their jobs can offer to them (under the right circumstances, that is). 

4. Flexible Benefits 

When posting jobs on modern-day job boards, you must understand how to highlight the benefits packages that come with them. If your company is capable of having flexible benefits packages, you’ll quickly attract high-quality physician candidates. Because the medical field is made up of such a diverse set of workers, having diversified package offerings for benefits can come in highly useful. 

5. Quality Health Care Packages

Health care is always going to be the most important part of any professional’s benefits package. Because your company is trying to hire medical professionals, the talent will know if a healthcare package is up to snuff or not right away. By ensuring that your healthcare package offerings look fantastic immediately, you’ll get a noticeable deluge of high-quality physician candidates flocking to the positions you’ve posted. 

6. A Stellar Reputation 

Working in a facility that has a stellar reputation is a major want for most out-of-work physicians. Physicians have even been known to leave their current positions if they’re offered a prestigious or intriguing role somewhere else. By highlighting your practice and/or facility’s reputation in the job posting, you’ll catch the eye of physician candidates who are looking to make a name for themselves. 

7. An Ideal Work Culture 

Knowing that you can get along with, and even emotionally connect to, all of the people you’re working with is key when looking for your dream job. Beyond having a stellar reputation as a practice, demonstrating to the talent that you’ve cultivated a fantastic, ideal work culture is important as well. If you can sell candidates on the ideal nature of your practice’s work culture, you’ll have no shortage of quality candidates submitting their applications to the role you’re looking to fill. 

8. Schedule Flexibility 

Beyond having reasonable hours, you must provide candidates with schedule flexibility whenever possible. Because many physicians are now working on a more mobile, freelance and/or traveling basis, schedule flexibility is becoming the norm in the physician world. Be sure to jump onto this trend in employment if you want to get fantastic physician candidates into your interview room. 

9. Opportunities for Professional Growth 

Knowing that you can continue to learn and grow each and every day that you’re working as a physician is key. Not only does on-the-job PD allow physicians to remain smart and sharp, but it allows medical staff to come together more effectively as well. In the world of medicine, there is never a lack of new information or discoveries to analyze.  

10. Personal Connections 

Lastly, you must emphasize your company’s dedication to building personal connections between its staff members. Not only will this make your company’s work culture seem more inviting, but it will help potential talent feel more comfortable about a potential workplace shift. 

Attract Ideal Candidates in 2022

The more you focus on highlighting these qualities in your job postings, the higher quality physician candidates you’ll attract to the position you’re trying to fill. With any luck, you’ll have no problem attracting an insanely impressive pool of quality physician candidates to choose from.  


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